Monday, July 28, 2014


 Normally recipe days are Tuesdays...but I just couldn't hold this one back, because it's too good!

 It's been in the seventies in Wisconsin, which means optimal Mojito weather. 
I mean...I guess any weather could be optimal Mojito weather, but I'm just going to use these 70+ degree days as an excuse to share this, mmmmkay?

Here's what you'll need to make it happen:
 - Mint leaves
- Blueberries
- 2 tsps Sugar or simple syrup*
- 2 ounces White Rum
- Sprite or Soda water**
- Ice

* if ya don't have simple syrup, granulated sugar will work!
** sprite if ya like it sweet, soda water if you don't/

 How to make it happen:
Step 1: Muddle a few mint leaves + blueberries with your sugar & rum
Step 2: Add ice & top with sprite
Step 3: Garnish with mint leaves + blueberries
Step 4: ENJOY!

So yeah.
It's basically just a regular mojito but with blueberries instead of limes. But daaaaang it's good!

 What's your mid-70s summer drink?
If you don't have one yet- I highly recommend a blueberry mojito!

xo, lp

ps: for more drink recipes, go HERE!
pps: for instagram fun, go HERE!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014



i love instagram, we all know this.
But let's talk about people i LOVE to follow on instagram, shall we?
This is one of the first installments, cuz there are a ton of great people i have to share with you.

let's call this grouping: THE ARTISTS
they're photographers, illustrators, digital masters, food organizers, and florists. and they're all fabulous.

munsterrose: oh my lanta. choosing just one picture of jackie's to show here was seriously hard. she is  a florist extraordinaire - and i have to hold myself back from commenting on all of her pictures. if you want to see some gorgeous floral work, follow this lady.

wrightkitchen: brittany is a food artist/wizard. for real. as someone who personally loves putting things in rainbow order, i appreciate her food gradients more than you could know. for amazing produce pics, brittany is your gal.

heykyle: i've known kyle since elementary school- and while i knew his theater skillz back then- i had no idea the talented designer/hand letterer he'd be. like WHOA people. besides his word art- his life in pantone series makes me want to bust out my pantone postcards and go on an  adventure too!

benfwagner: ben & i knew each other briefly in college, so this is how i justify it not being weird for liking he's a designer/illustrator with a killer eye for photographing brooklyn.

amy_stone: she's a digital magicial for gap- and her insta feed is one of my new favorites. everything has a little bit of blue hue to it- and it's all instagram gold: think pineapples, lattes, and peonies. sold.

weshopamano: i mean yeah i'm biased cuz we're related, but fer real my sister is a killer photographer. and ceramic artist. and boutique owner. when she comes into town i make her take pictures for me- and you'll see why once you check out her feed.

canarygrey: speaking of minnesota photographers- this lovely lady has the lightest, brightest instafeed. it's all the most simple & clean way to view life, i'm convinced of it. i need to paint everything in my life white NOW.

kimgenevieve: okay, why not throw an LA photographer in the mix? kimberly's photos just make me smile- they usually involve some bright turq cali sky or palm trees, and get me through the torrential downpours in the midwest. 

studiodiy: i've been following kelly's blog foreeeeeeeeeva. she is such a creative mind- i can't even. her balloons/treats/pinatas/etc are whimsical and truly original. where else can you find hamburger balloons and donut sunglasses? kelly- you are just killin it, girl.

so now you know some of my favorites, and now it's your turn!
who do YOU love to follow on instagram?

xo, lp

PSST: are we friends on instagram? i mean, this is an instagram post so i have to ask.
if not, you can find me here: @lpodlich    

Monday, July 21, 2014


Happy Monday!

I took Friday off so this weekend felt extra fabulous and long. My sister Louisa came into town from Minnesota, which was muuuuuuuuch needed.

Here's what's been good lately:

1. Whoa shoot my hair got long. Just got it cut, but here's the before (woof):

3. Like I said, my sister was in town. She is freaking fabulous. Here we are on the Terrace, failing to take a normal picture:

4. I also got to see my sister Ann this weekend, and my two ADORABLE nieces. Here's Lyddie, being madly in love with Michael. Heart. Breaking.

5. Since Louisa is a photographer, sometimes I beg her to take pictures of me for blog stuff. Liiiike this weekend. Here's an outtake from a shoot she did for an upcoming project I'm working on:

 6. Another day, another candy to rainbow order:

So that's what's been great lately-
Anyone else have some good sibling time this weekend? Or organize any candy? 
(I'm going to guess the answer to that second question is a no..)

xo, lp

PSSST:  I bet you take fabulous pictures on Instagram! Leave your handle in the comments, and you can find me here:  @lpodlich

Monday, July 14, 2014


Let's talk Instagram habits.

If you don't already follow me (@lpodlich) - then you might not know of my rainbow ordering obsession.
Allow me to show you just a little bit:

So here's the deal - I know I can't be the only one with a weird Instagram habit...or the only one who likes things in rainbow order!

So tell me, friends-
What's your favorite thing to post on Instagram?

xo, lp

Oh, and if you're a fellow rainbow-order lover, tag me @lpodlich in your post (and use #everythinginrainboworder) - I would LOVE to see 'em!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TAKE A SIP: BOOZY CHERRY LIMEADE (a twist on the classic!)

So a while back on this here blog I shared a recipe for the Dirty Shirley (an alcoholic kiddy cocktail). People were diggin' it- so I figured, why not take another childhood classic and do what I do best:

So that's just what I did, folks...that's just what I did.
Here's the Boozy Cherry Limeade:

What you'll need to make it happen:
- Svedka Cherry Vodka
- Frozen Limeade Concentrate
- Water, Ice
- Sprite
- Limes/Cherries for garnish

How to make it happen:
Step 1: Mix together 2 ounces of cherry vodka with a tablespoon of limeade concentrate and 1/2 cup water. 
Step 2: Stir until well mixed, then add ice & a splash of Sprite
Step 3. Garnish and enjoy!

Funny thing is, unlike kiddie cocktails, I actually didn't even grow up drinking limeade- we were a lemonade family, through and through!

I'm fully willing, however, to exploit the loving wonderful childhood memories of others- so enjoy, you limeade-families :)

 What was your favorite childhood drink?
Let me know and I'll be sure to booze-it up on the blog soon!

xo, lp


psssst: for more drink recipes, go HERE
for pictures of pretty things, go HERE!

Monday, July 7, 2014


Hello loves!

Hope you had a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend celebratin' AMURICA!

Here's what's been up lately!

Annual 4th of July firework cupcakes were in order for work this year:
Thursday night = Memorial Union Terrace sunset. So. Dang. Perfect.

On Friday a group of us all enjoyed beach time at a nearby lake- beyond fabulous to soak up the sun while laying in some $6 floaties in the water. Oh--- and bomb pops- lots of bomb pops!

Saturday was spent downtown- Farmer's Market, brunch, and perfect dinner & drinks later in the night.

Sunday was all about celebrating my girl Emily- a 6 hour tube float down the Wisconsin river was in order, of course!

So tell me friends, how did you celebrate this weekend?
Please tell me SOMEONE wore American Flag shorts. Or swimsuits!

xo, lp

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